11 Reliable And Cheapest WordPress Hosting Providers Of 2019


Finding a cheap yet quality cheapest WordPress hosting provider is not very simple these days. Why?

There are several web hosting service providers use ISP strategies, which generally grab new customers with their competitive hosting plans. but, in several cases, renewal charges are usually 3x higher. So before signing up with any cheapest WordPress hosting company, it is very important to check their renewal charges.

Below are some of the best and cheap web hosting companies that you can trust:

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What is WordPress hosting?

In the simplest form, web hosting or web host is a service provided by some business or company, which offers you all the latest technologies that you require to have your online website get visible on the internet.

How to find cheap yet reliable hosting providers?

When it comes to finding the best yet cheapest web hosting company, you should keep two things in your mind: reliability and Up-Time. Don’t just depend on the popularity of that particular hosting, look out for the actual services, plans and storage that the hosting company is providing.

Gone back are days, when you have to pay a lump sum amount to get quality and trusted service. Now you can access a quality service at a very competitive rate.

Everyone wants to save some money, So save your money ad trust these reliable and cheapest web hosting providers.

There’s a huge number of cheap hosting providers that offer reliable, honest services and great value for bucks without hurting the pocket.

So, without wasting much time, these are our hand-picked list of the cheap WordPress hosting providers.

Reliable and Cheap hosting providers:

1- BlueHost

Bluehost Best Website Hosting Services Secure Reliable Hosting

Bluehost coherently manages cost and characteristics while offering an effective hosting service for business. Several features are also added to provide a satisfying experience to the users.

Unlike many other hosting providers Bluehost differs as it does not provide month to month shared hosting subscriptions. You can pick the monthly subscription at 3.95$ a month which is an affordable deal.

There are a series of prices mentioned below. The costliest one is the Pro Package, which comes with a price tag of 13.95$ monthly.

The package offers IP address, SSL certificate, anti-spam software, and website backup. One attribute which may annoy you is the constant popping up ads and services which persuade you to update and purchase more.

Bluehost also provides you the four-tier Linux based VPS hosting ranging from 29.99$/ month to 119.9$/month. The storage capacity is about 240 GB which come with a memory of 8 GB of RAM and 4TB monthly data exchanges.

Pricing Plans:
  • Single WordPress Hosting: $0.99
  • Premium WordPress Hosting: $2.59
  • Business WordPress Hosting: $4.49
What users say about Bluehost?
  • BlueHost’s shared hosting is not only fast but reliable with good customer support. It is easier for beginners to work with.
  • It offers quite an easy interface and tools to work with.
    Bluehost ranked 7.93 / 10 by users.
Who Should Invest in Bluehost?

BlueHost is an ideal choice for WordPress users who choose hosting services that are easy, to begin with and have a great reputation in the marketplace. You will also get a free domain name alongside offer user-friendly dashboard for handling WordPress and ree SSL certificate.

Performance test using Pingdom:
  • Melbourne: 2.14 seconds.
  • New York: 0.85 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.80 seconds.

Performance test using Load Impact:

  • Load generator: Palo Alto, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.62s seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 4.9s seconds.


2- SiteGround

Web Hosting Services Crafted with Care SiteGround

Customers can vary based on their scale of business. Some customers are small scale entrepreneurs ( interested in price and storage capacity)while some would like to invest more(on-location servers and e-commerce).

Siteground is suitable for all types of individuals wanting to expand their business visibility. Siteground comes with many performances enhancing tools, and types of hostings considering all types of customers associated with them.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly shared server then Siteground is the one you should invest in. It minimizes the cost by clubbing several websites on a single server.

Pricing plans:
  • StartUp:$3.95
  • GrowBig:$5.95
  • GoGeek:$7.95
What users say about SiteGround?
  • Siteground offers premium customer service. They don’t give up until the matter has been resolved.

  • Siteground offers great reliability, users have given 4.6 stars out of 5.
Who should invest in Siteground?
  • Siteground is known to be reliable and faster. Hosting plans offered by Siteground are flexible, and they offer high customer support, as compared to other hosting services in the market.
  • They offer a great combination of low prices, advance Wp features, and faster speed. This makes it the best choice for any user.
  • If you want you to site functioning with no breaks, then siteground would be the best hosting solution.
Performance test using Pingdom:
  • Melbourne: 3.44 seconds.
  • New York: 0.90 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 0.65 seconds.
Performance test using Load Impact:
  • Load generator: Portland, US.
  • Minimum response time: 1.09 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 1.33 seconds.


3- Wp Engine

WordPress Hosting Perfected WP Engine®

WordPress is gaining recognition at a very rapid pace. Wp Engine is a company that especially focuses on WordPress hostings as the entire program is run by WordPress itself. It is one of the most helpful and systematic engines to manage all the content information.

The features and speed which wp engine is incorporating are very impressive. The platform is expanding and WordPress has managed to get a good [position in the web hosting market.

As they only focus on WordPress sites their vision is very much clear. All the profound engineers are experts in their field and will provide all kinds of assistance you may need.

What users say about WpEngine?
  • Incredible Customer Support
  • WP Engine scored highest in the area of cloud capabilities
Performance test using Pingdom:
  • Melbourne: 2.93 seconds.
  • New York: 0.93 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.61 seconds.
Performance test using Load Impact:
  • Load generator: Ashburn, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.60 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 1.01 seconds.
Why you should invest in Siteground?

WP engine offers round the clock support. They can support you via live chat, email, phone. Support options by wp engine are very simple to access.

The Grow Big Plan which starts at 19.95$ per month is used for slightly bigger websites providing 20 GB of storage and network traffic suitable for 25,000 visitors. Also, it comes with one year of free SSL certificate and free 30 backups.

The most expensive plan is the Go Geek Plan which starts from 34.95$ per month. Providing network traffic suitability for 100,000 visitors per month and 30 GB of storage. It also provides free one year SSL certificate and ability of 30 backups.

Price plans:
  • Lite-$3.92 per month
  • Swift- $4.90 per month
  • Turbo -$9.31 per month


4- Dreamhost

DreamHost Web Hosting For Your Purpose

Dreamhost has successfully completed 20 years in providing hosting to websites. It has almost 1.8 million domains registered. The company does not promote itself or influences its customers.

The only this they provide is quality of work. The full-time assistance and best offers Dreamhost provides is enough to attract clients.

The Dreamhost’s shared plan comes with WordPress and other website builder options such as Weebly and Wix. You can unlimited access to bandwidth, storage, and databases.

However, the domain for the first year is free and one tick installation for Joomla, Zencart and many more apps. They have three plans which come with a 97-day money-back guarantee before the service time ends.

Performance test using Pingdom:
  • Melbourne: 2.63 seconds.
  • New York: 1.47 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.96 seconds.
Performance test using Load Impact:
  • Load generator: Palo Alto, US.
  • Minimum response time: 1.24 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 1.68 seconds.
What users say about Dreamhost?
  • Rated 3.9 / 5 for Customer Support
  • Rated 4.1 / 5 for reliability.
  • Rated #9 out of 32 web hosts
Pricing Plans:
  • Shared Starter $2.59 per month
  • Shared Unlimited $7.95 per month
Why one should invest in Dreamhost?
  • Unlike other websites, they don’t have any hidden policies. The transparency between the company and customer is appreciable.
  • Initially the hosting of the website is free with unlimited traffic coming, however, the plan starts from 2.59$ a month.
  • Many websites increase the renewal prices but Dreamhost does not quote a fairly increased price during renewal. The price may slightly vary.


5- Inmotion

Web Hosting Secure Fast Reliable InMotion Hosting

Inmotion is a reliable name since 2001 and provided over 300,000 domains till now. This makes the company a dependent, stable and one of the most preferred hosting providers in today’s era. Inmotion is a holding corporation for many brands like Hostgator, Bluehost, and iPage.

Inmotion boasts of great speed(load time), uptime and customer service support.

With an average uptime of 99.947%, it is better than 0.007% other hosting sites. Inmotion has reliable tools for hosting such as cloud and VPS. Other than this they also offer their Business Exclusive Hosting Packages

The loading speed is 855ms which is better than others. The loading time of the page impacts a lot and is a major issue in SEO. Inmotion solves this problem giving a great loading time.

What users say about Inmotion?
  • InMotion Hosting service is dedicated to giving its users great services.
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 for Customer Support
  • Rated 4.2 out of 5 for reliability
Performance test using Pingdom:
  • Melbourne: 3.38 seconds.
  • New York: 0.50 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.43 seconds.
Performance test using Load Impact:
  • Load generator: Portland, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.87 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 0.98 seconds.
Pricing Plans:
  • Launch-$3.99 per month
  • Power $5.99 per month
  • Pro-$13.99 per month
Why one should invest in Inmotion?
  • Other than the technical part, what is also great is 90days money-back guarantee and free site transfer.
  • Many web hosting sites charge for data backup but this facility is offered for free by Inmotion.
  • InMotion Hosting offers highly impressive reliability and 99.99 % uptime.
  • Intuitive proofing tools, flexible proof routing, effective task management, cloud and automation storage, powerful reporting and custom request forms make this platform a comprehensive package for developers and marketers teams.
  • The iOS and Android mobile review applications make it possible to be highly productive and enable users to stay in contact with potential clients from anywhere across the world.


6- Hostinger

hostinger free web hosting

Hostinger is the cheapest WordPress hosting platform for hosting services facilitated with VPN Plans. Popular cPanel control panel and website builder. The money for the performance Hostinger offers is satisfactory.

Hostinger holds a good name in providing Website hostings as it also gives reviews on your website from the experts. Hostinger assures “fastest and cheapest web hosting” with a “world-class platform.”The company has made a family of 29 million customers spread across 178 countries.

Hostinger has many plans running successfully, they are:

Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.

What users say about Hostinger?
  • Rated #3 out of 32 web hosts
  • Rated 4.8 out of 5 overall
  • Rated 3.5 for user-friendliness
Pricing Plan:
  • Single-$0.80 per month
  • Premium -$2.15 per month
  • Business- $3.45 per month
Why one should invest in hostinger?
  • Complete protection against any malware software or sites is provided.
  • The Website Building Services are also free of cost which is a perk for the website holders.
  • Also, a free SEO tool kit is provided to enhance your site’s performance on the web.
  • Hosting gives you more than what you ask for, keeping a user-friendly platform.


7- NameCheap

namecheap chepest hosting provider

Namecheap is the most economical rates hosting available in the market as compared to other hosting providers. Share domain costs begin between $2.88-$8.88/month. It gives users a great experience, as they have a user-friendly interface. they offer great support through chats and emails. 

They let you select the UK or US-based data center. You will get unlimited bandwidth, 20gb disk space, and also it allows you to run around three sites under their cheapest WordPress hosting plan. 

Performance test using Pingdom:
  • Melbourne: 3.14 seconds.
  • New York: 1.11 seconds.
  • San Jose, CA: 0.61 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 2.22 seconds.
Performance test using Load Impact:
  • Load generator: Palo Alto, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.48 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 0.70 seconds.
Pricing Plans:
  • Stellar -$2.88 per month
  • Stellar Plus- $4.88 per month
  • Stellar Business- $8.88 per month
What one should invest in Namecheap?
  • NameCheap is another affordable option that you can start your hosting at just $2.88/month, and $24.88 yearly. However, it’s a good choice, if you want to run more than one website within the same hosting. 
  • It offers website builder, email, free SSL, and varied services with round the clock support and a money-back guarantee in 30 days.
  • If you are looking forward to creating a new WordPress site, then you can do that simply by using NameCheap’s many website building apps.


8- Go Daddy

godaddy chepest hosting provider

No Doubt Go daddy is among the most popular web hosting services.  They provide a huge range of reliable hosting services because of their Linux and windows based servers, maximum uptime, and so many other features. Godaddy comes with an intuitive user interface which lets both beginners and professionals use it straight away without getting confused. 

This hosting company provides a huge range of beautiful site templates to use. they also offer almost 300 optimized themes which are pe-made with content, making it simple for you to create your site.   It even lets you change the layout and appearance of site buttons which are offered with every single theme. 

GoDaddy is highly popular for its best customer support in the marketplace. if you get confused at any point, contact their technical experts for support, they are available 24×7 to help you and solve your query. 

GoDaddy hosting is known to have among the best customer support team in the industry. If you happen to get stuck at any point, you can contact their technical experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their customer service support is quick to react, efficient, courteous and polite.

They have several methods of providing customer support; you can use the online chat feature, submit queries via email, or you can simply call in. GoDaddy usually responds to email queries in less than 24 hours. 

Performance test using Pingdom:
  • Melbourne: 1.83 seconds.
  • New York: 0.87 seconds.
  • Amsterdam: 1.49 seconds.
Performance test using Load Impact:
  • Load generator: Palo Alto, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.63 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 0.83 seconds.
When to consider using GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a good hosting company but, if you are a  beginner, you may want to start with an affordable package. this is the best choice if you have a good budget and an expert. This hosting service is ideal for professional developers.

Pricing Plans
  • Basic-$2.49 per month
  • Deluxe -$12.99 per month
  • Ultimate- $19.99 per month


9- iPage

ipage chepest hosting provider

iPage is another cheap hosting provider, and one of the great web hosting companies in the hosting world. iPage has something for everybody. All three types of hosting including dedicated, share and VPs are accessible. However, as compared to other hostings, iPage offers inexpensive VPS hosting.

It offers an easy-to-use interface, the main objective of this company is to enable customers to most sites with zero efforts. 

iPage hosting is an ideal hosting solution for sites that require a reliable and simple server with a user-friendly interface, inexpensive service. it just a good, simple and valuable hosting service. it comes with some amazing features that are very rarely found in the cheapest WordPress hosting plans. 

Who Should Invest in iPage?
  • iPage hosting is a very inexpensive yet powerful hosting solution. It offers high uptime and great customer support. It offers a wide range of services at very low cost.
  • Most of the hosting providers do not provide the same features at a low cost that iPage hosting does.
Performance test using Pingdom:
  • Melbourne: 1.68 seconds.
  • New York: 0.64 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.43 seconds.
Performance test using Load Impact:
  • Load generator: Ashburn, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.50 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 3.74 seconds.
Pricing Plans:
  • WP Starter-$3.75 per month
  • WP Essential-$6.95 per month


10- Tsohost

tsoHost UK Web Hosting Services and Solutions

Tsohost is one of the most affordable web hosting providers giving services such as shared and cloud hosting plans. Tsohost was founded in 2002 that also owns Vidahost and Host route.

Providing a variety of six plans in the web hostings Tsohost has given a variety of options to choose from. The plans are as follows:

  • The hosting comes with a free domain name with unlimited bandwidth and multiple mailbox creation.
  • Provides one-click install options for websites like Joomla and WordPress.
  • You can resell Tsohost’ services if you build a company of your own using the reseller hosting plan.
Pricing Plans:
  • Lite Hosting: 149.85 / mo
  • Life Cpanel hosting- 149.85 / mo
  • Standard hosting-349.10 / mo 
What users have to say about Tsohost?
  • The support is the best. Really polite, helpful and patient
  • Their reliability is dreadful.
Why one should invest in Tshost?
  • 24*7 data security and customer support are provided. In case of an emergency, you can contact the customer support and you will be assisted with full information.
  • Tsohost Control Panel is the product which is included in the company’s portfolio as well. Tsohosts’s hosting plans are included in the cloud.


11- A2 Hosting

a2hosting chepest hosting provider

A2 Hosting is a very successful and independent hosting in the hosting industry. its the fastest growing hosting company. different users have a different review of this WordPress hosting.

But sometimes, the user doesn’t know how to make the best use of hosting with limited features. And A2 hosting is among those hosting, it might have limited features, but all are unique. 

The hosting plans by them are developer-friendly and have money-back guarantee to collect a refund on any remaining part of your hosting plan. Most of their plans come with backups and SSL.

A2 Hosting has unfailingly produced top-class speed for the last many years. Their 24×7 customer support is useful and friendly. all of the A2 hosting plans come with an SSL certificate and also with free migration. So, this hosting solution is all good.

Performance test using Pingdom:
  • Melbourne: 2.93 seconds.
  • New York: 0.93 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.61 seconds.
Performance test using Load Impact:
  • Load generator: Ashburn, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.60 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 1.01 seconds.
Why one should invest in A2 hosting?
  • This Cheapest WordPress hosting has a wide range of varieties for cost control and customization. this makes them a premium service provider of VPS and shared hosting.
  • A2 Hosting is a developer-friendly WordPress hosting provider that provides limitless flexibility and all traits, one needs to build a good website.
  • A2 hosting is also popularly known for its reliable and fast hosting.
Pricing Plans:
  • Lite-$3.92 per month
  • Swift-$4.90 per month
  • Turbo-$9.31 per month


Overall, the cheap yet best web hosting providers can provide exceptional service at a very competitive rate that won’t put a hole in your pocket. thus, make sure to take enough time to find out the possibilities to make the right decision that you won’t regret later.

We wish the above-furnished information about cheapest WordPress hosting providers 2019 will help you in evaluating the best and reliable WordPress hosting service for your WordPress website. In case, you run into an issue, do not hesitate to contact us at beingwp.com.

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