An In-Depth Review Of The Gem Theme


WordPress is a free software that is used to develop a lovely site or blog. For beginners, The gem theme might be the simplest and most adaptable writing articles and content management website (CMS) system.


Developers of WordPress can install and move between various topics. Themes enable people to modify a WordPress site’s feel and function without changing the key code or content of the page. Each WordPress portal needs at most one theme and each theme will be built using WordPress norms with organized PHP, relevant HyperText Markup Language And Cascading Style Sheets.


The plugin design of WordPress enables users to expand a site or blog’s characteristics and functionality.

Other features

It also includes embedded link handling; a site builder-friendly, clean permalink framework the capacity to add posts to various categories and help for posts tag.

The Gem Theme Review

The Gem Theme

CodexThemes creates The Gem theme into the universe of multifunctional themes, and it is very flexible.CodexThemes had already placed demos for technical organizations, fitness centers, hotels, and much more. Gem emerges with a contemporary style that is trendy and customizable.

It goes with 8 site layouts, for you to select your preferred site design. It also has 7 Widget zones where you want to show your widget.

Near to more than 90 customizer theme choices allow you to personalize each part of your page. It is ideal for any kind of website, such as commercial/enterprise/ sites and blogs. Seeing the number of decisions you get when it comes to personalizing your website is merely amazing.

You don’t just have more than 90 distinct demonstration topics, add 150 distinctive demonstration articles, You do have distinct route designs that are available in over 20 models, Limitless website design layouts, 15 distinct blog types, over 20 profile designs, and 2500 unlimited graphic icons.

And all primary colors loaded into an even more strong customer-friendly management board you’ve seen yet. It is a fantastic concept that will conduct excellently regardless of what kind of website you plan on construction.

A few of the benefits of this design provide the concept. It is highly versatile and elevated-performance, it’s the strongest search engine optimization theme with assured elevated Google ratings, completely friendly to android displays.

WooCommerce incorporation with 100% support for the above-mentioned variants and the incorporation of a visual composer that is a slide-and-drop, entirely visual site builder that allows you to create a site with very little job and immediate reviews as you switch components along and alter text, images, and site designs.

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Attributes of WordPress Best theme THE GEM

Innovative Strength:

The primary purpose of designers of the Gem best WordPress theme was to produce a theme that would give maximum innovative liberty to both experts and individuals, not deeply engaged in architecture and development. The outcome is remarkable you can develop unique layouts in less time with greater than 200 designs for more than 50 information aspects.

Distinctive Models

Distinctive Models of the gem theme

More THAN 70 ideas and designs have been created, each in its very particular style and technique.

The Gem aims to give you imaginative liberty throughout your site. When you’re new to site administration and layout, The Gem theme has a lot of characteristics to assist you to create a site far above your present expertise and capacities.

Not just easy fixes to a fundamental layout, these demonstrations. Rather than, the previews can be known to their possess right as distinctive web models. The demonstrations extend several classifications, including:

  • Magazine,
  • Portfolio,
  • Online Store,
  • Company Site
  • Applications and others

Other multiple classifications also present health and gym demonstrations, hotel demos, and much more in that classification.

TheGem development companies have conducted studies in the scope of sectors on the major sites. The group then submitted to their demonstrations the main characteristics of these websites to guarantee that any sites that work with that kind of theme had every opportunity of achievement. A group of professional programmers from the Behance creative portfolio repository also supposedly worked closely with the group.

This was targeted at assuring that the demonstration websites that makeup TheGem are of the highest quality, thus ensuring that the latest product trends were showcased. The preview creation method included a big emphasis on User interface patterns and methodologies.

All theme demonstration of The Gem theme is compelling. They seem like distinctive sites, not various presentations developed with an identical theme. Finally, the demonstration or idea which suits our proposal is preconfigured. If not then, TheGem could have been the appropriate theme to your site, cheers to the functionality tools and options.

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Customizing Options and Techniques

Customizing Options and Techniques the gem theme

There’s a chance you probably wouldn’t be able to discover one that’s correct to your initiative despite the excellent choice of demonstrations. But on the other side, perhaps you like various demos elements and wanted to incorporate them to produce the ideal site design.

Beyond just its demonstrations, TheGem needs to constantly give. You are easy to create and pick whatever website custom functions your site utilizes with its mix and match strategy to web design.

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Page Builder Tool

Page Builder Tool

The strong Visual Composer page builder is incorporated with The Gem theme if the quantity of creative input provided by the personalization options and configurations is not enough. Visual Composer is one of WordPress’s common click and-drop page building instruments.

You could personalize any of the site layouts that cover The Gem using the front and back-end user functionalities of Visual Composer. It’s not an issue either to create your site layouts from bottom to top. If you are no more programmer or just have a faster way to generate WordPress unique website models, the above special plugin can support.

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Discovery resources for slideshow

There are several two special pricing slider plugins in The Gem Theme. LayerSlider and Slider Revolution and are responsible for the interactive slideshows that do include some of the layout demonstrations. With the above tool, you can still generate sophisticated slideshows and WordPress website demonstrations.

Gem Elements

Arrange & Generate

  1. Page Builder
  • Drag and drop visual content editing
  • Frontend or Backend mode
  • No coding skills required
  • 70+ content elements 
  • 40+ awesome predefined templates and layouts
  • Save pages as templates for re-use
  • Preview changes

2- Typography

  • Light and bold Styles: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6
  • Text Type: Bold & Light
  • Lovely Drop Caps
  • Quotation Text
  • Personalized Headings
  • Pretty Titles & Separators
3- Toggles & Accordions
  • Tables and List
  • Costing Tables
  • Tours & Tabs
  • Videos
4- Style & Layout
  1. Pretty Images with different style
  2. Contact Forms
  3. Textboxes with different Style
  4. Cute Icons
  5. Google Map
  6. Buttons

5- Highlights and Promotion

  • Testimonials
  • Teams
  • Counters
  • Alert Boxes
  • Charts

The Gem’s Theme other characteristics

The Gems Theme other characteristics

CodexThemes has put a great deal of job into guaranteeing that sites created, load as fast as possible with The Gem Theme. In terms of digital marketing and usability, site acceleration is becoming extremely crucial.

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Security of the website

The design team of Gem also committed to ensuring that such a theme is as safe as feasible.

Just the safest and most effective plugins were selected to be an aspect of the theme pack The Gem Theme. It also enables us to load your site quicker, yet also decreases reliance on plugins and instruments from private entities – particularly some from unidentified designers.

Wide interaction and development of plugins

Even though the CodexThemes group did not add the above theme with additional plugins to increase the function list, they made sure that the finest plugins of WordPress would be consistent with any products constructed with TheGem.


Much of the Website Builder is great in terms of design and developing however when it arrives to produce efficiency they utterly fail but it is not in the scenario of The Gem it produces a very elevated overall performance in loading the site aspects.

Very Respectable

The Gem is one of the most respected Site builders, that can provide you with outcomes and excellent user support.

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Optimized Digital Marketing

SEO is one of the biggest advantages of using such a theme. The whole theme is fully designed for SEO and you do not need to add stuff to ideal SEO on-page.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance has been one of the main causes for it before purchasing and their technical support is very nice and fast in this situation they have full marks from us.

Heavy-quality support for developers

Maybe The Gem’s many important characteristics are whether the CodexThemes player is dedicated to creating outstanding customer assistance. TheGem is enabled in many languages like Russian, German, and English, and the team has received a very favorable rating depending on their assistance for prior themes.

The experience of the Gem customer

It’s not simple to create a heavy-quality site. WordPress’s attraction and topics like The Gem, however, because they got the ability to significantly simplify the system. Let’s just find out just how simple it is in the usability chapter of the review of the Gem theme to build a professional website.

Starting with The Gem

You will be encouraged to install and activate the necessary and suggested plugins forward to uploading the theme documents and unlocking the TheGem on your WordPress portal.

Several Web topics feature a single-click method of importing preview content. Based on the style, though, it can be difficult in fact to get the site to look like the demo. Fortunately, The Gem features some of the simplest and most versatile importers of preview material.

You can select to import all preview material, along with pictures and videos, via the choices. As it will import a large quantity of material that might slow it down your product and may be harder to handle. All who work on the live site are probably better off having to import anyone of specific demonstration concepts.

The importer tool made it easy to watch preview you will start exporting. Several subjects just get you into options to choose among, building things with a beginner guide far easier.

The last choice is to import a limited preview. It enables you to access the preview material without including the image video files, or just import the image and video files. When the method of importing preview material has been selected, the fundamentals should be set for your webpage.

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Theme choices for personalization

You can then gradually add your information to your page or personalize its interface after you have imported most or all of the test material. Choices are

  • Header styles and Design
  • Site Design settings
  • Content Design settings
  • Typography settings
  • Background Images and Color settings
  • Color controls set for the whole site
  • Social media link settings
  • Save and restore theme settings

The personalization configurations for the rear-end theme offer you excellent power over your site. Regretfully, it is not as remarkable to assist the forward-end WordPress designer interface.

Publicizing of content

The Gem uses personalized post types from WordPress, add information to your fresh WordPress site needs you to pick the custom post types first. It tends to make it much more effective to manage and publish the distinct content kinds on your site.

The conventional WordPress Editor may add additional information to your web page. Optionally, the Visual Composer page building tool could be introduced. The first one provides a choice to generate content’s personalized designs and then fill them with such a scope of helpful components.

Costing of The Gem

Costing of The Gem theme

The Gem is accessible at $59 for the retail market of ThemeForest. This cost involves all the high price plugins shown in the pack and connects directly to theme upgrades throughout life. It also includes 6 months of assistance. Moreover, the above period can be expanded to 12 by paying just $17.70 additional.

Quick words for the Gem Theme Review

The Gem is a great budget theme with a nice choice of pre-constructed site demonstrations. It is one that is perfect for a variety of distinct projects. If one of the demonstrations fits the sort of website you are going to build then The Gem is a fantastic option.

If your view does not match a preview, The Gem is indeed worth thinking about. Because TheGem models a good collection of the personalization control system, mixing and matching preview content, and as well as the Visual Composer page builder tool, it shouldn’t be too hard to create your custom site with The Gem.

Quick Review of Gem (Advantages and Disadvantages)


  • Amazing variety of demonstration
  • Intuitive tool for importing demonstration text
  • Several paying plugins
  • Thorough choices and set up for theme


  • WordPress designer lack of assistance
  • Plenty of rivalry from certain multifunctional topics

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All in all, if you like The Gem’s layout, you can confidently use this theme. You will have full rights to detailed information, an analytical admin functionality, and a complete set of high price tools with The Gem – all the vital which can contribute to making your site a victory.

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