Know About the 8 Best Web Hosting Providers Compared for 2019


When you’re building a WordPress website or start a blog, the most important thing you need to ponder about is the selection of your best WordPress hosting. Choosing the right web host might seem like a troublesome task, especially for the newbies.

Also, many people end up avoiding their choice of right web host end up getting substandard hosting. By selecting the best WordPress hosting for your website you will see your site be performing great, and secure when your site users required it the most.

There are numbers of web hosting companies that prove to be the best among all, though, while choosing the right services the decision should be completely yours and on the based on proper research and your requirements like budget, website, time and many more. Thus, carefully compare and choose the hosting plans prior to purchasing any hosting plan.

In this era, promoting your business can be done in various ways. One of the most effective ways to build an online presence of your business. Online websites are proven to be a great way to create a strong online presence regarding our brand or business portfolio to let millions of people know about your products and services.

Websites work as the best assistant for blogs and could be utilized for any motive on the world of the internet.

If you start searching now, you will get in contact with the bulk of blogging platforms, however here we will mainly talk about WordPress. WordPress offers a wide means to create your own beautiful website.

Not only you, but there are also many people who don’t know that alone WordPress powers 25% of the internet. It has become the most used and popular CMS ( content management system) right now present in the market.

Not only this, WordPress to have a team of developers who actively creating plugins and themes so that the users of WordPress can modify their websites in order to make their site appearance the same as they want it to be with proper functionalities.

So, as a beginner, you might be thinking about how to use WordPress for your website work? So let us clear the questions in your mind by beginning this article from What is WordPress hosting?

What is WordPress hosting?

In the simplest form, web hosting or web host is a service provided by some business or company, which offers you all the latest technologies that you require to have your online website get visible on the internet.

WordPress hosted site will offer you numerous benefits of free hosting. Talking about, in this, you will have complete authority over your website and its content like you can install its plugins, control the advertisement displayed on your site, and so on. The most important thing you need to hunt for is to find the right hosting company.

Overall, both and have their own merits and demerits. But, if you use you are not allowed to use its features for free, on the flip side, with you can use amazing features for free. But for the premium features, you need a web hosting package.

Are you puzzled by all the variety of WordPress hosting all available on the internet? Well, no worry, we at beingwp are here to assist you.

As you know that WordPress is the most prominent among others, it has created a huge industry of hosts providing varied plans, from the cheapest host costs $3/month to the highest $700/month. It is up to you which plan you choose. If you are a beginner, we will suggest you choose an affordable web hosting package.

Having a wide range of choices is a good thing but also confusing at the same time, especially for newbies. To assist you to choose the right WordPress hosting type, look down to know about the 4 major types of WordPress hosting that is not only popular but also reliable for your WordPress website.

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Main Types of Web Hosting

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Shared hosting

Shared web hosting is known as the most popular and cheapest option available. With the use of shared hosting, one can use multiple sites on the same IP address as well as server resources like hard disk, the memory, the bandwidth as well.

The foremost reason for choosing shared hosting in that it is affordable than all. It is the best type of hosting for the newbies and low cut budget projects. It too has some pitfalls like short memory space, Security issues, Seo issues, and slow site speed. The reasons behind these issues are that as it allows you to use multiple sites on the same IP address.

Another most important reason to opt for shared hosting is the amount of bandwidth and disk space offered by the servers. Bandwidth assist site owners run their online business and website efficiently.

And as compared to another hosting, shared hosting offers more than required bandwidth, this will assist you in adding additional resources on your website.

Security, The third most prominent aspect of shared hosting. It just takes single webmasters in order to misuse any sensitive element that causing bugs on your server and will bring all the type of security issues.

Trespassers can get access to your personal data, and no doubt the worst thing for a site is being blacklisted when problems of malpractice are detected on the server. Wouldn’t regret choosing shared hosting, what else could you expect?

Managed hosting

Managed hosting provides a wide range of benefits. It is the best alternative for non-tech-savvy users. As the complete technical part of the site is done under your hosting provider, and low down your burden.

You want to make a website that not only user-friendly but also looks beautiful stuffed with creative contents, then managed hosting is highly recommended as it will assist you to focus highly on your website building features.

Managed hosting is also useful for tech-savvy people. A proper managed hosting provider will periodically fix security loopholes, cache your site regularly, scan malware, automatically update plugins and do the backups of the site so that in case your site ever goes offline, they will infraction of seconds do the restoration work. Support offered by these hosting companies is 24×7 and effective.

Going with a managed hosting can save lots of money. As hosting services involves hiring system admins, database admins, as well as other team members to manage servers, managed hosting save your additional cost.

A reliable managed hosting company will offer you around the clock support and their expert staff is professional in solving issues and preventing small issues before they become worse.

Managed hosting ensures proper restoration of your data. So, you don’t have to worry about the loss of your data. It will automatically restore the data as a reliable hosting company has strategies to overcome any loss.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are hired for the particular use of the small or large business that uses the server. Companies choosing dedicated servers have entire control over the server as well as can pick different elements such as operating and hardware systems.

When you have a dedicated server, it allows using the entire server for your use. As compared to shared hosting, dedicated hosting has more benefits to offer to the site owners.

It offers great RAM, CPU and disk space all that is needed. You will also get access to the root server. Add software as per your choice and get access to all server logs. The major advantage of using a dedicated server is that it gives you root access.

With the use of a dedicated server, you can support your expanding business requirements. with the help of a dedicated server, you can get the right to choose your desired server configuration. As the business expands, you can change or add more to your existing applications and services.

It also assists you in managing your site better and has turned out to be the most wanted demand of e-commerce as well as other businesses across the world. Thus, choosing the dedicated server would be the best option for any businesses.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Ever wonder why someone opts for a VPS? Selecting the best web hosting server for your site can be daunting. As you desire to find the best balance between cost-effectiveness and power without sacrificing site performance.

You need the VPS most when your businesses expanding at a steady rate. At this moment, you may observe that your site is not working properly, it is due to high traffic on your site and all the users on your site are fighting for similar resources on a shared server and you got worried about what to do next to fix this issue.

In such cases, Virtual private server comes in use as it offers you many resources. This will improve site performance without compromising the performance. You can easily customize your site with VPS.

When we talk about web hosting, there are plenty of options available options. Among all, each has its own good and bad points. Let’s take a closer look at Virtual hosting.

VPS permits you to save all data and files for your site on web space in a way that looks like a standalone dedicated server. A VPS with the use of virtual software does the partition of a physical server into various “virtual servers”.

A virtual private server is not accessible to all, however, it is readily becoming the most preferred hosting choice for expert web developers who need the root access in order to run their software.

Major things to consider while choosing the best web hosting 2019

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When seeking the best web hosting provider it is good to know yourself what you are looking for in your business website hosting provider. Majority of companies claims, like unlimited bandwidth, wide disk space, as well as email.

You can not trust any random company for this work, you should choose a web hosting company carefully after proper research. Thus, it all up to you to do the proper research before hiring your website hosting company.

The features one should look when selecting a Web host:

High-quality hardware:

Of Course, every site owner wants their website to load fast and gives excellent user-experience. While looking for the best hosting providers, do not forget to consider this major factor.

Make sure the providers use high-quality hardware for your website. The CPU, hard disk space and RAM that will be used to host your website should be of good quality. If you compromise with the hardware, then you will end up having poor site performance.

All these small things if neglected can affect your site overall performance. If you don’t want to compromise with your site smooth performance, choose the right and trusted hosting providers.

You may not know that CPU and RAM are the most important elements if you desire to have varied types of content on your websites like video and audio. If your RAM and CPU works poorly then it will directly impact the crowd of visitors visiting your website.

Technical support

Technical support is one of the major factors to consider while looking for the best web hosting company. Choose a company that is known for it’s around the clock support. Getting wrecked in the middle of the night the time your website crashes and as a newbie to WordPress, you definitely need support.

So, at the time of shortlisting the companies for your hosting work, check their support system like do they provide phone support, email support or live chats for each hosting plan? All of these things are vital.

To know this detail, you can go through the hosting provider’s official site and read the reviews given by their previous clients. Read all the reviews and from there you will get an idea about the quality of work and the support provided by that particular hosting provider.


Every second day you will hear about the site being hacked by hackers, so make sure to choose the company which takes the security as their top priority.

Before hiring, you can ask a few questions to them regarding the security of the day and also in case of hacking what are their strategies to deal with the problem.

Even security is much more important than the site loading speed. Without proper security, the site is of no use. No doubt, a fast loading website grabs more visitors, but if your site is not secure than it will benefit you at all.

Thus, a web hosting provider should guarantee tight security regarding private, personal and financial data.

Essential features

Hard disk space ( website storage space), bandwidth limit, and other domains allowed are basic features which as a site owner should check before shaking hands with a hosting provider.

If you have an e-commerce site then you must need a huge space. Thus, make sure that the hosting you are hiring is offering your good storage so that you will get enough space for your backup storage.

Why web hosting service require more?

If you want to create an online presence of your business, then for this you are supposed to invest in the best hosting service.

If you want to have your own website on the internet that you can state as yours, then investing in hosting is the only option. Luckily, it will not put a hole in your pocket to have your business presence online.

Right to control:

When you have a site on a platform like Tumblr or blogger, it has so many risks. As you have to agree to the terms and conditions mentioned by the platforms to remain online.

There are so many shocking stories online regarding website owners having their websites taken down for breaching a certain condition or rule. This results in losing sales during that period and also is not good for your site traffic.

Choosing a host for your site will never let this happen to your website. You can have full control over them.

Wide customization options:

Co-branding is another big problem with hosting platforms that are accessible for free. Like, your site shares branding with the host. This will affect or can say decrease your credibility with your customers, and result in damaging the overall appearance of your website.

So, when you prefer free platforms you would not be able to customize or expand your website as per your demand. It will not offer you unlimited access to tools and plugins and this breaks the growth of your website.

However, when you host your website, you will get complete control over it. Customize your site as per your requirement and this will also boost the growth of your site.

Save time and money:

For a business person, it is very important to save money and time. With the help of a web hosting service, one can save their lots of time as well as money as you will access the services of professionals who will take care and manage your servers. This will help businessmen to focus on their business growth and other tasks.

Below listed are the best WordPress hosting providers 2019

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Bluehost Best Website Hosting Services Secure Reliable Hosting
Credit: bluehost

Bluehost coherently manages cost and characteristics while offering an effective hosting service for business. Several features are also added to provide a satisfying experience to the users.

Unlike many other hosting providers Bluehost differs as it does not provide month to month shared hosting subscriptions. You can pick the monthly subscription at 3.95$ a month which is an affordable deal.

There are a series of prices mentioned below. The costliest one is the Pro Package which comes with a price tag of 13.95$ monthly.

The package offers IP address, SSL certificate, anti-spam software, and website backup. One attribute which may annoy you is the constant popping up ads and services which persuade you to update and purchase more.

Bluehost also provides you the four-tier Linux based VPS hosting ranging from 29.99$/ month to 119.9$/month. The storage capacity is about 240 GB which comes with a memory of 8 GB of RAM and 4TB monthly data exchanges.

Why Should You Choose Bluehost

  • The company is well established and recognized in the field of hosting providers. Thus you can trust Bluehost for its quality and loyalty.
  • The company is supported by efficient engineers, team leaders, and cooperative customer support. They can bear changes in their network servers in the future as they have ample financial and capital assistance.
  • You can have faith in Bluehost regarding your website’s data security which is above all.
  • The pricing is also reasonable for the services the company assures to provide.



Web Hosting Services Crafted with Care SiteGround
Credit: Siteground

Customers can vary based on their scale of business. Some customers are small scale entrepreneurs ( interested in price and storage capacity)while some would like to invest more(on-location servers and e-commerce).

Siteground is suitable for all types of individuals wanting to expand their business visibility. Siteground comes with many performances enhancing tools, and types of hostings considering all types of customers associated with them.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly shared server then Siteground is the one you should invest in. It minimizes the cost by clubbing several websites on a single server.

Why Should You Choose Siteground?

  • Keeping web hosting prices minimal, Siteground comes up with many features and free trials. If you don’t want to commit to the annual subscription you can opt for HostGator at 2.64$ shared This option helps you to explore more features that keep coming.
  • You are free to choose your preferred data centers. If most of your clients reside in the Asia Pacific you can choose that, If your major concern is data privacy and retention laws you can pick European data center.
  • The plan ranges from low, mid to high. The StartUp Plan begins from 11.95$ per month, which will comprise one website, storage capacity of 10 GB, network traffic suitability for 10,000 visitors, security services, unlimited emails and many more.
  • The Grow Big Plan which starts at 19.95$ per month is used for slightly bigger websites providing 20 GB of storage and network traffic suitable for 25,000 visitors. Also, it comes with one year of free SSL certificate and free 30 backups.
  • The most expensive plan is the Go Geek Plan which starts from 34.95$ per month. Providing network traffic suitability for 100,000 visitors per month and 30 GB of storage. It also provides a free one year SSL certificate and ability of 30 backups.



WordPress Hosting Perfected WP Engine® 1024x529
Credit: wpengine

WordPress is gaining recognition at a very rapid pace. Wp Engine is a company that especially focuses on WordPress hostings as the entire program is run by WordPress itself. It is one of the most helpful and systematic engines to manage all the content information.

The features and speed which wp engine is incorporating are very impressive. The platform is expanding and WordPress has managed to get a good [position in the web hosting market.

As they only focus on WordPress sites their vision is very much clear. All the profound engineers are experts in their field and will provide all kinds of assistance you may need.

Why Should You Choose WPEngine?

  • The entire WordPress team takes up the responsibility to provide full security to your websites. In case of any data loss or privacy inhibition, the company pays back the amount according to their policies and the type of website hosted by them.
  • The Ever Cache feature in WpEngine is blisteringly fasted because of which the speed of your website is never hindered. Your site never gets complain about going down even in huge traffic.
  • Reliability and cost efficiency is great. They never compromise with speed, security and customer support.


HostGator Website Hosting Services Easy Secure Hosting 1024x474
Credit: host gator

It is one one the best hosting providers holding 8 million successful domains under their name. The company has been a known name in website hosting providers since 2002.

The plans starting from 2.75$ per month although the prices may vary from time to time depending on your choice of services and plans. The HostGator’s Baby Plan starts from 3.95$ a month, the Business Plan costs 5.95$ a month.

The user-friendly page is a perk for customers as it navigates to further processes automatically.

Why Should You Choose Hostgator?

  • The Hostgator also allows you to compare all plans from the page through “Compare All Plans” always view this to get some surprise rewards.
  • The reliability associated with Host Gator is very high, so you can opt for it for your website hosting. You’ll be assisted with full support from them regarding the money-back guarantee and all the other queries.
  • Free Migration within the first 30 days of signing up. Get your website transferred from the previous host without paying an extra penny.
  • The flexible billing is very a convenient option for the users as they can benefit from the new discounted offers.


DreamHost Web Hosting For Your Purpose

Dreamhost has successfully completed 20 years in providing hosting to websites. It has almost 1.8 million domains registered. The company does not promote itself or influences its customers.

The only this they provide is quality of work. The full-time assistance and best offers Dreamhost provides is enough to attract clients.


The Dreamhost’s shared plan comes with WordPress and other website builder options such as Weebly and Wix. You can unlimited access to bandwidth, storage, and databases.

However, the domain for the first year is free and one tick installation for Joomla, Zencart and many more apps. They have three plans which come with a 97-day money-back guarantee before the service time ends.

Why Should You Choose Dreamhost?

  • Dreamhost a great speed of 719 ms, above-average uptime of 99.96% which is pretty good.
  • Money-back guarantee within 97 days which gives you a long time to get accustomed and friendly with all the features Dreamhost offers.
  • Unlike other websites, they don’t have any hidden policies. The transparency between the company and the customer is appreciable.
  • Initially the hosting of the website is free with unlimited traffic coming, however, the plan starts from 2.59$ a month.
  • Many websites increase the renewal prices but Dreamhost does not quote a fairly increased price during renewal. The price may slightly vary.



Web Hosting Secure Fast Reliable InMotion Hosting 1024x474
Credit: inmotion hosting

Inmotion is a reliable name since 2001 and provided over 300,000 domains till now. This makes the company a dependent, stable and one of the most preferred hosting providers in today’s era. Inmotion is a holding corporation for many brands like Hostgator, Bluehost, and ipage.

Inmotion boasts of great speed(load time), uptime and customer service support.

With an average uptime of 99.947%, it is better than 0.007% other hosting sites. Inmotion has reliable tools for hosting such as cloud and VPS. Other than this they also offer their Business Exclusive Hosting Packages

  • They offer affordable prices of hosting for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The loading speed is 855ms which is better than others. The loading time of the page impacts a lot and is a major issue in SEO. Inmotion solves this problem giving a great loading time.
  • Other than the technical part, what is also great is 90days money-back guarantee and free site transfer.
  • Many web hosting sites charge for data backup but this facility is offered for free by Inmotion.



tsoHost UK Web Hosting Services and Solutions 1024x474
Credit: tsohost

Tsohost is one of the most affordable web hosting providers giving services such as shared and cloud hosting plans. Tsohost was founded in 2002 that also owns Vidahost and Host route.

Providing a variety of six plans in the web hostings Tsohost has given a variety of options to choose from. The plans are as below:

  • CPanel Shared Hosting – The hosting comes with a free domain name with unlimited bandwidth and multiple mailbox creation.
  • Cloud Web Hosting- Provides one-click install options for websites like Joomla and WordPress.
  • Reseller Hosting- You can resell Tsohost’s services if you build a company of your own using the reseller hosting plan.
  • CMS Hosting- CMS Hosting is a bit expensive than the other plans, providing Magneto, WordPress, Joomla, VPS Hosting, Ghost, PrestaShop Hostings.

Why Should You Choose Tsohost?

  • 24*7 data security and customer support are provided. In case of an emergency, you can contact the customer support and you will be assisted with full information.
  • Tsohost Control Panel is the product that is included in the company’s portfolio as well. Tsohosts’s hosting plans are included in the cloud.


The Hosting Platform Made For You Go Online With Hostinger 1024x474
Credit: hostinger

Hostinger is the cheapest platform for hosting services facilitated with VPN Plans. Popular cPanel control panel and website builder. The money for the performance Hostinger offers is satisfactory.

Hostinger holds a good name in providing Website hostings as it also gives reviews on your website from the experts. Hostinger assures “fastest web hosting” with a “world-class platform.”The company has made a family of 29 million customers spread across 178 countries.

Hostinger has many plans running successfully, they are:

Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.

Why Should You Choose Hostinger?

  • Even the most expensive plan will be budget-friendly for the services they provide. They provide free domain names with Free SSL certificates.
  • Complete protection against any malware software or sites is provided.
  • The Website Building Services are also free of cost which is a perk for the website holders.
  • Also, a free SEO tool kit is provided to enhance your site’s performance on the web.
  • Hosting gives you more than what you ask for, keeping a user-friendly platform.


Final words:

We hope the above information about the best WordPress hosting providers 2019 will assist you in finding the best and reliable WordPress hosting service for your website. In case, you run into an issue, do not hesitate to contact us at

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