Learn how to create a blog Step-By-Step Guide


If you’re up to creating your own blog and baffled up with the right decisions to take and the right things to do, you’re probably at the right place.

We are here with a detailed manual on how to create a blog on WordPress. We would surely try to dive deep into the exact procedures that you may need to follow.

Moreover, before you move any further, you should be clear with the fact that blogging has moved much above being just a hobby and has entered real-time business environments making huge earns.

Therefore, it would be vital to consider everything seriously and take up the right steps from the very beginning.hing seriously and take up the right steps from the very beginning.

What is a blog?

With the help of WordPress platform, you can set up your own blogging website. this is the most effective option, having your blog on your own website as this helps the traffic of people come directly to your website.

Like any other online marketing techniques, you want to blog on a regular basis.  if you think, posting a blog once a week going to grab high traffic towards your site then you are wrong. There are so many things to consider while writing a blog.

The best and the important thing about blogging is that you can love doing your work. it does not have anything to worry about.

You don’t have to give your 8 hours in this profession,  as per your timings you can work. Generally, a blog is owned by a single person or sometimes by a group of people in an organization. A blog is used to share any informative information.

In a blog, you can add videos, images, articles, animations, etc. A person who writes and creates for a blog is referred to as a blogger. Top features that a blog contains is links and comments.

These things usually boost user interactivity with different individuals.

You can also permit your blog readers to give their own feedback/reviews on any of post.  Add audio and videos to your blog called Podcast, which your readers can listen to. This is the best way to stay in contact with your potential customer.

There are plenty of reasons for blogging and also types of blogs, from networking to creating brand authority, expanding your online reach, growing a business, and many more.

Things to know:

Who doesn’t want to earn simply from the comfort zone of their home?  You can earn in dollars while just sitting at home and work while having fun at home, doesn’t this sounds exciting?

Blogging is the best way of earning money at home without going out of the home.

Everyone who plans on starting a blog works with the motive of earning a passive income; and why not?

in today’s digital era, make the most of the internet by creating engaging blogs, and use the right platforms so that the content will reach the maximum audience.

there are few challenges that every newbie or professional blogger faces during their journey towards starting a successful WordPress blog.

There are some challenges that every blogger faces on the journey towards establishing a successful blog.

Blogging is a dynamic process in which the more you learn the more you grow.

So, if you are ready to set up your blog, below mentioned things are necessary for you to know about for a successful blog:

Prior to start blogging, it is very essential to clear about your targeted audience. most of the people write on topics that readers won’t find interesting and useful.

Know Your Audience:

it is very important for you to write on topics that are exciting, and also informative. know the demand of your target audience, as if your target an audience are youths, so you have to choose your blog topic according to that, or if you target audience are parents then choose the topic wisely.

It is important to write on the topic you’re interested in, but writing about the interest of others is primary when it comes to blogging.

The audience will visit your blog only when they find a solution to their queries. Knowing your target audience and offering them the solution to their problem is the only key to a sustainable and successful blog.

The main factor which helps you in determining your target audience is the amount of knowledge they obtain from your blog.

If the audience will find solutions to their queries on your blog, then this will let them visit your blog next time when they seeking for the solution to their next query.  this means through your blogs they are getting valuable information.

For example, if you have started a travel blog, but instead of posting blogs related to travel, you post promotions content, this will surely lose the interest of the audience.

On the flip side, if you post about your exciting and adventurous travel experience of different places, then your audience might find it interesting and useful and this will keep them coming back to your blog again and again.

Your blog must provide a mixture of engaging and informative content that makes your people engaged on your blog contents.

Strong image source and social media utilization:

No doubt, visual content is a very pivotal feature of modern blogging.  From appealing statistics to informative graphs, images assist you in offering a lot of details without talking much.

Adding image does not only enhance the blog readability, but images also do the wonders to the Search Engine optimization of your content, inserting proper images will assist enhance the SEO of your blog, do not post images without image titles and ALT tags.

the most common mistake bloggers commit is expecting a great response at beginnings. You have to accept that new blogs take time. You can not expect to get returns during a night. searching for the target audience too takes time.  

With the use of social media, you can get to know about your target audience as well as able to get your blog in the eyes of the wider audience.

There are so many popular social media platform that a blog owner can use to promote their blogs.  some of the popular platforms like Instagram, twitter, facebook and etc. can do wonders for blog owners to generate huge traffic for their blog.

Consider financial aspects:

It is okay to invest some money before you start earning online. In starting when you begin blogging, things like content, the content promotion will cost you a penny.

it is very important to plan about financial aspect prior to commencing a  blog. Prepare a spreadsheet, in that sheet mentioned about every single expense you have experienced before starting a blog.

This will help you in getting a clear idea regarding the total investment required and will also assist you in building a time-frame to begin receiving returns.

Content sourcing:

In the whole blogging process, your content plays a very vital role.  the success of your blog entirely depends on the content of your blog.

Plan in advance from where and how you will source your blog content. In starting you an write content for your blog, but as your blog grows, you will need a team of writers to do it for you.

Well, simply deciding in advance about all these things will make your task easy.

initially, you might face some obstacles, but slowly-slowly as you move ahead, the road of success will become straight and clear for you indeed!

Now let’s talk about how to create a blog with BlueHost?

Many people who are not familiar with the term Bluehost, may be asking yourself what is Bluehost?

So, let us introduce you to the meaning of Bluehost.

What is bluehost?

Bluehost Best Website Hosting Services Secure Reliable Hosting 1
source: bluehost

Bluehost is a well known and reputed web hosting services in the present era, they are among the top trusted and largest web hosting providers, and right now they power around 2 million websites across the globe.

Use of Bluehost:

Usually people ask for what purpose Bluehost it used? Well, Bluehost is used for web hosting sites, and for obtaining domain names.  in order to have a site, one will need two main things, domain, and web hosting.

What is Bluehost used for? Bluehost is used for hosting sites online, and for purchasing domain names. To have a website you need two things, web hosting, and a domain name.

one of the most exceptional things related to Bluehost is that you can get domain name along with your hosting plan.

Now, after knowing about Bluehost and its use, its time to know about the steps of creating a blog with Bluehost.

Another major thing to consider while starting a WordPress blog. WordPress is a content management software which you can utilize for optimizing the functionality and appearance of your blog.

It is believed that the combination of Bluehost and WordPress is known to be more powerful as well as professionals.

So, now I am beginning with the step-to-step guide on how to start a blog from scratch with the use of Bluehost such as installing WordPress, registering the site domain name, hosting and so on.


let’s come to the step-by-step guide which is used in building or creating a blog with Bluehost.

Creating a Blog with BlueHost: A Step-by-Step Guide

Registering Domain Name and Hosting

A domain name probably, is your identity online. It is generally a string of letters that could determine the dimension of authority and control on the web. The domain name is also known to be the part of the link address which belongs particularly to a domain.

If explained in simple words, domain name could be anything that has been assigned by the admin of a considerable domain, according to its functionality and even more categories.

A domain name helps in the identification of IP Addresses. These domain names are set as a part of the URLs, for opening certain website or page.

There are several rules and procedures with reference to the DNS, (Domain Name System) that need to be considered for the formation of domain names.Any name registered in the DNS is considered to be a domain name.

As we proceed further towards understanding the procedure for the same, you need to make sure that your domain name is clear, easy to remember and brandable. You should avoid confusing or very long domain names.

Step-1: Get a free domain name from BlueHost

Sign Up Now Bluehost 1 1024x474
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In order to get a domain name registered for your blog, you will have to open the official BlueHost site. Enter the url in the address field and open BlueHost homepage.

This page would feature some of the latest offers for the web hosting services. Some of the major BlueHost features include free site building, free domain, one-click WordPress install, and 24×7 online support.

The BlueHost customer support is one of the most important benefits of using it. They will let you attain the most efficient and appropriate services within a very short duration of your request.

A large green colored button would pop initiating you to “get started now” click on the button and ascend further.

Step-2: Select a Hosting Plan

WordPress Web Hosting Secure Affordable Reliable Bluehost 1024x474
source: bluehost

As you click on the “get started now” button you could explore various features and benefits of different packages. There are three main packages Basic, Plus and Pro.

For freebies, you may need to get the yearly package for once. While BlueHost Pro and Plus would be perfect for experienced professionals, beginners are advised to use the Basic pack.

This could help you with the best use of the Pro and Plus packages in the future. There are no less features in a Basic pack and could be perfectly useful for writing a blog.

Click on the “Select” button displayed below the package list and pick up the desired BlueHost package. As per your needs and budget, pick the most suitable package.

Step-3: Select a Domain

Once you have selected the desired package you would be guided to the page that prompts you to “SignUp”. There are two things that are being exhibited.

The first is “New Domain” and second, “I have a domain name”. Enter the desired domain name in the “new domain” option and then click on the next button.

Step-4: Create your Account

Create Your Account Bluehost 590x1024
source: bluehost

Once you click on the “next” button you would be directed to a page that asks you to “create your account”. A BlueHost notification is something very important you need to consider in this case.

If the domain name you desire is unavailable, it would notify you about the same and would ask you to try again. If your desired domain name is available for use you will get a message that states “Congratulations! The domain name you have requested ‘XXX XXX’ is available”. Thus you can now proceed to the next step.

The next important thing is account information. You would be required to enter several details like your First and last name, business name, country, address, phone number etc.

Pro tip: In order to simplify the registration process research and finalize the domain name in advanced.

Step-5: Final Package Details

Once you have entered the details, consecutively on the same page, you would see “Package information”.

You will have to select an account plan (from Basic, Plus or Pro). Once you’ve selected the suitable plan, uncheck the other check box where you found the account plan option.


Once you have finished the package information section sequentially, go to the payment information. This would contain fields that ask your credit card details and more. Fill in the card details and other recommended fields and then scroll down.


When you scroll down, you would have an agreement confirmation checkbox that consists of the Privacy policies of BlueHost. You may click on the link and go through the statement and check the box provided for confirmation. Once you’ve clicked on the checkbox, click on the “Submit” button provided at the bottom of the page.


When you’ve clicked on the “Submit” button, a new page will be opened up stating “Congratulations” along with some interesting offers for you. You may consider and pick some of these options or else click away on the “No thanks” option displayed right at the bottom of the page.


When you click on the “No thanks” button, a new page opens up with the message “Welcome to BlueHost”. It also notifies you about the successful purchase also, it would send a confirmation mail to the email id that you may have entered during the registration process.

This page will also provide you the option to set up the password for your account. This needs to be done before you actually log in to your account. There would be a visual button that mentions “Create your password”; Click on it. You may also check out the account details by scrolling down the page.


Once you click on the “Create your password” button, a new page for setting up password would open up. It consists of two fields: new password and retype password.

There are also two hyperlinks that are meant for display character and suggest password. While display character will let you display the password you type, suggest password would avail you a password by default.

You may make use of the default password or type your own and click on the “NEXT” button. Before you click on the “NEXT” button, take a glance at the Privacy policy and terms of use mentioned in the checkbox below. Make sure to note down the password or make use of any appropriate software to save them.


Further you will have the BlueHost Dashboard screen that requires you to Login.

Installing WordPress on BlueHost

BlueHost WordPress Installation Step 3
source: bluehost

While you may be seeking possibilities for BlueHost WordPress hosting, you will be required to follow up a simple procedure for installing WordPress. It would in fact, be done automatically.

When you visit BlueHost’s My Account Page, you will find that WordPress has been already set for your site. You would be further asked to pick as theme for your site. You may select desirably what you want your site to look like.

Selecting a WordPress Theme

WordPress provides you with numerous theme options to make your site look professionally perfect. From the best WordPress themes available pick the most appropriate ones that could be helpful in customizing the overall appearance of your website.

There are numerous different themes that you can choose from. These include food blog, Magazine, Designer blog, video blogs and many more. You are free to select as per your requirements.

According to the different categories, each theme is designed with distinctive functionalities. Apart from these there are also various common themes that could be used for multiple purposes.

Many of these themes are available for free. Therefore, if you’re one among the beginners, try out the free themes before you switch to the pro package.

Free Themes Vs Premium Themes

While you are accessing the WordPress community, you would have thousands of free WordPress themes to serve your requirements.

Doubts often arise with whether or not you should use these free WordPress themes.

No, would be the clear answer to this guided with several considerable reasons. Developers generally come up with more and more free themes in order to attract their subscribers for their premium themes.

  • Free themes aren’t regularly updated.
  • They possess low code quality.
  • They often possess poor loading time.
  • They are more vulnerable than premium themes.
  • They are less customizable and offer fewer design options.

Selecting the right theme

Selecting the right one upon the best WordPress themes would be vital for your business. It is very important to ensure that the themes you select carry all the modern features, load quickly and are properly customizable.

Create Important Pages

Once the website is ready and you have completed all the changes regarding designing as per your needs, the next important step is to create the important pages on your website. Mentioned below are some must have pages:

  • About Us: Giving away some clear ideas about your business.
  • Privacy Policy: Mentioning your business policies and disclaimers.
  • Terms and Conditions: Mentioning the terms of using your website.
  • Contact us: Providing an option to users to contact you for advertisements or any other considerable purposes.

Installation of plugins

These are the list of plugins that are essential for every WordPress website:

1- Yoast SEO

An SEO plugin is required on your blog site so that you can optimize not only your blog also your it will allow you to optimize every individual post you share.

Yoast is considered as the most used SEO plugin that provides you an easy option in order to optimize the site.

Not only this, when you start creating a blog post, Yoast plugin will assist you by recommending you what you require to do next to make your blog more SEO friendly.

Another advantage of the plugin is the on-page SEO guide. When you create a blog post, the plugin will handhold you by suggesting what you need to do in order to make it more SEO friendly.

This will make your blog post SEO friendly. it will suggest you to insert right meta description, SEO title as well as the focus keyword. This plugin will also analyze your page and represent you if you require to make any modifications.

In Yoast SEO, on-page analyze is truly a great aspect especially for amateur bloggers.   this feature will definitely newbies in their starting days of blogging.

2- W3 Total Cache

if your site loading time is not fast, then you will definitely note a big loss in your site visitors as well as it will down your keyword ranking.

For this, you need a quality cache plugin, so that it will automatically remove the unnecessary cache and will make your website fast loading time.

3- Wp forms

For this, On your website page, you have to create a contact us page. Wpforms plugin provides you easy option to create any sort of forms on your website with simple drag and drop form creator.

4- Insert Headers and Footers

inserting headers and footers is too easy. It’s the most used WordPress plugin , that is used to add custom code in no time in the site header and footer section.

5- OptinMonster

As a beginner, you may not be aware of Email list building, but it is very essential for blogs as well as for other business online. It will assist you to bring huge traffic.

it is the most extensive email subscription plugins that provide you innumerable options when it comes to site design and placement, it too assists you to boost the site conversion rate.

Marketing Platform

Hubspot- Best marketing software

If you want to take your blog to the next level, for this you need an effective marketing strategy and also the best tools to make it happen.

HubSpot offers all the necessary tools required to do effective marketing on your WordPress blog site.

It permits you to build popups and capture forms, add an option for live chat, as well as sync contacts information in order to keep you and your site well organized.

Final Words:

So, hope this comprehensive guide on how to start a blog is useful for our readers.  I have compiled all the necessary information and steps that are needed in creating a successful blog.

The main things behind building a successful blog include choosing the right theme, right domain name as well as hosting service.

There are various factors that matter a lot in the success of your blog. If you follow the above-mentioned factors step-by-step than you will surely have a successful WordPress blog in a short time.

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