Managed hosting vs Shared Hosting: which one is best?


Hosting is a very important part of any web business. Make sure you choose a hosting plan that’s best suited to your business is very important to serving a secure, fast website for your audience.  As the hosting plan you choose can directly affect your online earning. 

So, today we are going to compare shared. As these two usually create a buzz like which one is better and also for which work. 

Web hosting is a type of service that permits individuals and organizations to post web page or website onto the internet. A hosting provider is a business that offers the services and technologies required for a webpage and website to be viewed on the internet.

Websites are stored, or hosted on computers called servers. when uses want to see your site, all they require is to type your website domain name or address into their search browser. 

 Then their computer connects to your website server and your website will be sent to them through the browser. 

But, when it comes to choosing a hosting provider for your site, you may get confused by the overwhelming choice available in the market.  If you are a beginner, then it might be difficult for you to find out which one is ideal for your web page. 

What is Web hosting?

In the simplest form, web hosting or web host is a service provided by some business or company, which offers you all the latest technologies that you require to have your online website get visible on the internet.

web hosting

WordPress has been made for scalability and flexibility on different platforms. With numbers of customizable WordPress plugins and themes available from third-party developers and  WordPress, this Content Management System can be installed and activated in minutes – even by users without much experience with website building.

There are two major things a developer needs to create a site is a domain name and web hosting name. 

When you plan to set up a business offline, you definitely need a physical location to sell your services and products. Soo, the same thing applies in the online world when starting up an online website. 

When you start up a business in the virtual world, you have a number of images, HTML code, a series of files. These images and files consume space and need space to live.  A hosting provider will offer space on a server to contain all of your data and are answerable for providing the files of your site. 

When you opt for hosting services, it means you are just renting space on the internet.

Now, let’s talk about what is domain name?

A domain name is referred to as your company’s address online. if you are hiring a space online, you give your user’s domain name. So, whenever any user enters your domain name, it is turned into an IP address. Then a hosting company located all the images and file connected to your IP address and returns all the videos, pictures that make up your site.

Having a wide range of choice is a good thing but also confusing at the same time, especially for newbies. To assist you to choose the right WordPress hosting type, look down to know about the 2 major types of WordPress hosting services that are not only popular but also reliable for your WordPress website.

Let’s have a look at the specific difference between shared and managed hosting. 

Before, We start please refer to these.


Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is known as the most popular and cheapest option available. With the use of shared hosting, one can use multiple sites on the same IP address as well as server resources like hard disk, the memory, the bandwidth as well.

Shared Hosting

The foremost reason for choosing shared hosting company in that it is affordable than all. It is the best type of hosting for the newbies and low cut budget projects. It too has some pitfalls like short memory space, Security issues, Seo issues, and slow site speed. The reasons behind these issues are that as it allows you to use multiple sites on the same IP address.

Another most important reason to opt for shared hosting is the amount of bandwidth and disk space offered by the servers. Bandwidth assist site owners run their online business and website efficiently.

And as compared to another hosting, shared hosting offers more than required bandwidth, this will assist you in adding additional resources on your website.

Security, The third most prominent aspect of shared hosting. It just takes a single webmaster in order to misuse any sensitive element that causing bugs on your server and will bring all the type of security issues.

Trespassers can get access to your personal data, and no doubt the worst thing for a site is being blacklisted when problems of malpractice are detected on the server. Wouldn’t regret choosing shared hosting, what else could you expect?



 Right now, shared is the most affordable cost-saving hosting solution.  It is best for those who are looking for a cheap yet useful hosting solution. 

Easy set-up

There are so many hosting plans that offer one-click installation, so you can set-up your shared hosting plan to get started with your website. 


With the help of this hosting plan, you can get entry to a cPanel which makes site management a whole lot easier. Management your site easy with Shared hosting. 

Email Accounts

Different shared hosting offers free email accounts.  You can get an email like without spending money on it. 

Cons of shared hosting:

Selecting shared web hosting means that one is ready for the maintenance like security, backups, WordPress updates and more.

Downtime and sow response time:

Sharing the resources and server with other sites mean that your website is more prone to experience slow page load time and frequent downtime. 

Reliable for low traffic websites:

his type of hosting is best for sites don’t grab high traffic like personal sites, business sites, etc. 

Best shared hosting providers

Blue Host

Bluehost Best Website Hosting Services Secure Reliable Hosting 1

Bluehost is among the best hosting providers as of its reasonable hosting plans with amazing uptime and loading speed guarantee. the main thing which separates this hosting provider apart from the crowd is the manner they manage their web servers. Also, their hosting packages come with a high uptime guarantee.

Shared Hosting – Bluehost for Just $2.75/m!

Site Ground:

Web Hosting Services Crafted with Care SiteGround

Sitegrouund is second most popular shared web hosting provider. The features that make it popular are free HTTPS and SSL, daily backups, free Gmail accounts, unmetered traffic, round the clock support, and many more.

They provide free Cloudflare content delivery network it all their hosting plans to make sure your website is secure and speedy.

Shared Hosting Siteground for Just $3.95/m!


HostGator Website Hosting Services Easy Secure Hosting

HostGator allows you to create websites with their own website builder. their website builder comes with around 100 templates and a big image library.   Hostgator is an easy and affordable hosting provider. you can even build a site using their one-click wp installation.

Its features include a user-friendly control panel that assists you to control your site, unmetered bandwidth, high uptime guarantee, SSL certification, round the clock support, free sire transfer, live chat and many more.

Shared Hosting – Hostgator for Just $2.75/m!

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting provides a wide range of benefits. It is the best alternative for non-tech-savvy users. As the complete technical part of the site is done under your hosting provider, and low down your burden.

managed hosting

You want to make a website that not only user-friendly but also looks beautiful stuffed with creative contents, then managed hosting is highly recommended as it will assist you to focus highly on your website building features.

Managed hosting is also useful for tech-savvy people. A proper managed hosting provider will periodically fix security loopholes, cache your site regularly, scan malware, automatically update plugins and do the backups of the site so that in case your site ever goes offline, they will infraction of seconds do the restoration work. Support offered by these hosting companies is 24×7 and effective.

Going with a managed hosting can save lots of money. As hosting services involves hiring system admins, database admins, as well as other team members to manage servers, managed hosting save your additional cost.

A reliable managed hosting company will offer you around the clock support and their expert staff is professional in solving issues and preventing small issues before they become worse.

Managed hosting ensure proper restoration of your data. So, you don’t have to worry about the loss of your data. It will automatically restore the data as a reliable hosting company has strategies to overcome any loss.

Pros of Managed WordPress Hosting

Higher speeds: Generally managed hosting provide blazing speed as their software and hardware WordPress optimized.

Security and backups:

security backups are managed by the hosting service itself so that you can focus on another important task for your website. you don’t have to get worried about your site security.

Automatic updates:

Various WordPress hostings will manage core wp updates and even update your WordPress plugins and themes which assists to keep your website secure.


with this hosting service, you will get thee round the clock customer support and your queries will be solved by the team of experts within 24 hours.

Cons of Managed Hosting:


 Managed hosting offers some extra services so that the prices of this hosting is quite high as compared to other hosting plans.  

Plugin restrictions: As this hosting wants to be on the top, they won’t allow developers to use plugins that may slow down your website. 

Strict limits

Not all, few WordPress hosts command strict site limits.

Only host WordPress sites:

Access to WordPress websites: Managed WordPress hosting host only WordPress sites. 

Best managed Hosting providers

Wp Engine

WordPress Hosting Perfected WP Engine®

Wp Engine is among the best-managed WordPress hosting provider o, powering around 500, 000 sites online. Wp Engine is created performance, speed, security in mind.

It offers fully manages a global content delivery network, uptime protection, threat detection, automatic WordPress updates, and threat blocking, automatic caching, daily automatic updates. Other premium features include free.

WP Engine pricing starts at $35/month, but you can get 4 months for free with our special IsItWP deal.

Managed Hosting – wp engine Just $35/m!

SiteGround managed Hosting

Web Hosting Services Crafted with Care SiteGround

No doubt, SiteGround is an excellent shared hosting provider but is also a great managed hosting provider. their hosting plans include automated updates, WordPress installation, advanced WordPress security, expert WordPress support and many more.

Also, your site will load fast with a free content delivery network with each account, SSD storage, and customized server setup.

SiteGround Managed Hosting for just $3.95/m

Liquid Web

Liquid web Managed Hosting Provider

Liquid web is among the toppers in the race of managed  WordPress hosting. it comes with metered pageviews, no overage fees, tension-free automatic plugin updates, traffic limits and also comes with image optimization plugins.

Other major features include staging site, full server access, automatic SSL.  daily backups, round the clock and many more.

Managed Hosting Liquid Web only $29/m!

How to make an informed decision?

Selecting between managed and shared hosting requires estimating your operation’s budget.  checking the alternatives that exist, basically getting requires and understanding what degree of control is ideal for your business. so as per this choose the best hosting for your organization. 

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